“UKSLS now has the database system C.O.R.P working efficiently in all houses where there are full time services. For smaller services which don’t have the benefit of C.O.R.P. we record information via the head office and/or from the “out of hours” on—call system, the contact with these “lone workers” ensures our Health and Safety responsibilities are managed. With the help of all the staff teams the system is working effectively, so thank you for all your efforts in embracing this new and innovative technology.

We are currently in the process of signing off the finishing touches to the system which includes new care planning tools, incident reports and Management Information production systems. This will enable UKSLS to chart individual Service User’s behaviours and provide this information to the professionals who work for the statutory organisations. It will also allow us to both understand why our Service Users behave in certain ways and to positively manage any negative impacts these behaviours have.”

Stephen Lawson Dips Nurse, Bsc Hons, CMI 7, CMgr, MCMI

Managing Director

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