Testimonial 05

Terri I just want to thank your for all the work you do. As I’m fully aware that you have a large work load . But you still find time to help staff with work & personal issues. It’s thanks to you & Sinead that I feel I can do my best work for...

Testimonial 04

Thank you for copying me into this email. I’m so pleased to hear about his voluntary work, as it’s something he’s been wanting to go back to doing for so long now. Please can you pass on my thanks to the team for working with him so successfully and...

Testimonial 03

Thanks for yesterday. We all thought the meeting went well and we were impressed with UKSLS understanding of challenging behaviour and plans to resolve difficult situations. (Family)

Testimonial 01

Could you thank those involved in the support of A, both directly involved and those supporting in the background for the continued support that they are giving to him, particularly at this difficult time for him. (Social Worker)